Meet Becky Dewitt

Becky Dewitt

Becky DeWitt is an inspiring author who captures ones’attention as she speaks from the experiences and encounters of daily living. As a Christian author, Becky’s writings reveal trials and tribulations as well as edification to the soul. Her books express the need to talk about Jesus Christ from the ordinary everyday perspective with titles that are uncommon and cover art that is expressive.

In 2008 she published her first children’s short story, “Destiny’s Closet,” which developed into a book by 2009. “Destiny’s Closet” teaches children the importance of developing a personal relationship with God.

The success and well-reception of “Destiny’s Closet” inspired Becky to follow-up with a sequel, titled, Destiny’s Closet – Circle of Friends, which was published in November 2010. “Destiny’s Closet – Circle of Friends” continues the adventures of Destiny, Becca, and Mauri and their growing relationship with Jesus.

The inspiration continues for the third book in the “Destiny’s Closet” series, Destiny’s Closet – The Wonder School. The “Destiny’s Closet” series and her latest book, The Fruit of Your Lips are available at Author House.

In addition, Becky writes articles for Written VoicesAuthors Den, and Christian Voice Magazine, where she is featured as a contributing writer. On the Written Voices website, her articles can be found in the Journey column. The Christian Voice Magazine is published and distributed throughout the Carolinas. Becky served as an Editorial Consultant for the launching of Devine Glory Magazine based out of the Florence, SC.. She also works with The Columbia Writer’s Alliance Group.

Becky is a member of Tree of Life Ministries, an ordained evangelist under the leadership of Pastor Elaine W. Green. Becky lives and works in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Meet Becky Dewitt

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