Meet Demetrice Mason

Demetrice Mason

Apostle Demetrice Mason is the co-founder with her husband Apostle Barry Mason of the Antioch Christian Church in Wilmington, Delaware.

Together, they work with a very talented and anointed team that has made Antioch a place of power and love.

Demetrice is a multi-gifted Apostle with a strong prophetic dimension. Apostle Dee, as many call her, desires to see individuals operate and function with wisdom and integrity in their God ordained calling and purpose in the earth. Apostle Dee uses her passion to teach and train others through Schools of the Prophetic, Spiritual Warfare, Deliverance, Davidic Praise & Worship and more.

Apostle Demetrice Mason received her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Lincoln University, and she holds a Master’s of Education degree in School Leadership. She is the author of After Come Out, Then What: Avoiding the Problems and Pitfalls in Deliverance Ministry. Demetrice and her husband Royal are both ordained Apostles under the covering of Apostle John Eckhardt.

Twitter: @Trueprophet1

Meet Demetrice Mason

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