Too Far Out

Too Far Out!
Today, there are so many different situations that are plaguing and reeking havoc in every area of our lives in the Body of Christ. The cries have reached a pitch that is not audible in the natural, but piercing in the realm of the spirit. Many are screaming on the inside, while quoting scriptures in the atmosphere on the outside, standing out in deep water. The shield of faith has been soaked with the oil of the Word to quench the fiery darts that have been launched. Meanwhile, in the midst of the stand, the attack of the enemy increases continuously with a ferocious bombardment.

It is in the deep, that those who have been summoned must take the stand no matter what the circumstance. It is at this point that the deceptive plan of the enemy goes into operation based on the surface, all the while the aim is at the deep. The increased bombardment hits the Believer so many times that there is a turn in the direction of focus, looking back, instead of having a forehead like flint facing forward. The position in the deep is based on the Word of God, expecting a supernatural interruption from eternity into time, called a miracle. If you are one of those who are out there, keep looking ahead. A quick glimpse using your peripheral vision will show a sea of saints standing out on the deep. You are not alone.

In Luke, chapter 5, Jesus used the miracle of a great catch of fish to recruit his disciples and to demonstrate one of the many the miracles of God. After recruiting, he then compelled them to go out deeper, while he taught the people from the boat. Jesus was with disciples while instructing how far to go. It was their obedience to instruction that would take them to another level. It was now time for demonstration through a spoken word.

Cast Your Net

“Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught. Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word, I will let down the net.” (Luke 5:4-5). Peter was obedient despite his feelings, because Jesus was instructing where and how far to go. He moved at the voice of the Lord. Something in Jesus’ voice hit his heart initiating a different level of faith.

Remember Peter was a seasoned fisherman who had been out all night, which was the time that the fish would come to the surface. He moved from the place of where he thought he would be successful to where Jesus had created success. It was a different strategy based on the spoken word of the Lord. Peter was astonished at the overwhelming catch of abundance. It was so much that he had to call for help to secure it all. Jesus was right there all the time leading and guiding into the miracle.

“Many are called, few are chosen.” (Matthew 28:16). “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain.” (John 15:16). These men, the disciples, were elected to be used in the demonstration of the power of God as testimony and evidence for us today. We are to be encouraged even the more as we stand on a word that was spoken to us.

Peter was a history maker as the only water walker in the Bible. His trust, confidence, and experience with Jesus matured him to have an unbridled thirst for the extraordinary. His actions are chronicled in Matthew, Chapter 14. Jesus was walking on the water, when the disciples in the boat see him in the distance. Naturally fear set in immediately because they were not sure who it was. “Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.” (Matthew 14:27). Only Peter spoke up and asked to move out into the water, a deeper place. If you are hungry and thirsty for a move of God in your life that you have never envisioned, ask for it and pursue Him with all your might. If you are persistent in your pursuit, you might hear Him say, “Come, Come up higher, and Come out deeper.” It is up to you to meet Him in the prepared place where He has been waiting all this time for you.

As you hear, receive, and step out on His word, stay focused on Him. Do not let anyone or anything distract you to take your eyes off of Him. “But when he saw the wind was boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cries, saying, Lord, save me.” (Matthew 14:30). The word says that he saw the wind. His eyes moved. Looking out of a window, one can only see wind by the movement of the trees. We can hear wind because of the sound of a howl. What was it that he saw in the wind? Was creation, the elements, upset that the creation made in the image of the Almighty, had taken dominion and authority as originally commanded? (Genesis 1:28).

Stormy Sea

Sometimes the boisterous violent wind is the words out of the mouths of our brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ. It can even be their negative thoughts. They will not come out of the boat and do not want you to step out either.

There is no hunger and no growth when you just sit in the boat. Their mouths have charged the atmosphere with particles of negativity from their comments failing to realize what they have created.

If you are hearing something in your spirit, take the step. Don’t just sit there or else you will miss your moment that was scheduled before the foundation of the world. Now, understand that the moment you take the step up and out of the boat, the door opens for every possible negative comment, rebuke, and even correction from the Christian Cops. Christian Cops police the Body of Christ with judgment.

They will expose themselves with the words of their mouth. Ask God for a listening ear to discern the flow of the current of the enemy and who he uses. They will speak quick correction, “you are in disobedience.” Always remember your audience. You must know, no matter what the situation or even the location; you are always in the presence of God. While others may forget, there is a strict watch on you, your mouth, and your reaction because you stepped out into the deep to be a water walker. The cover up is in the format of, “this is not an attack.”

As Peter began to sink, Jesus caught him before he went all the way down and said, “O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?” (Matthew 14:31). That is what the enemy wants you to so that you do not use the faith you have to bring you into a place with Jesus to do something that you have never done before. “And when they were come into the ship, the wind ceased.” (Matthew 14:32). As you are out in the deep, stand and wait on the move of the Holy Spirit. He knows exactly where you are. It is at the turning point that the anointing will fall upon you.

Going back to the boat you will notice that the wind will cease. It is because He is with you in such a magnitude that over rules and over throws the attack of the enemy. You may be too far out, but you cannot go back. There is a fresh anointing that is uncontaminated and uncompromised. There is a fresh fire of the Holy Spirit in your belly. Passion for Him is heightened. Your mind will be renewed to take the limits off God. You have sat still going nowhere long enough. You know in your heart and spirit what He has told you, so rise up and step out!

“O Lord, how great are thy works! And thy thoughts are very deep. Whatsoever the LORD pleased, that did he in heaven, and in earth, in the seas, and all deep places.”(Psalm 92:5; Psalm 135:6)


As a Christian author, Becky Dewitt’s writings reveal trials and tribulations as well as edification to the soul. Her books express the need to talk about Jesus Christ from the ordinary everyday perspective with titles that are uncommon and cover art that is expressive. Becky is a member of Tree of Life Ministries, under the leadership of Pastor Elaine W. Green. You can read more about Becky by clicking here

Too Far Out

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