The Vision

“…faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1)


Faith simply believes that God is able, and that prayer is the process of allowing your burdens to be given to Him.  Wow! How easy is that but do you believe it? I know how life’s transition will knock you down and bring an emptiness that causes you to feel stagnant. I have experienced the stubborn pride that will cause an eruption that leads devastation. 

In the midst of our pain we overlook the presence of God Himself.  Instead, we don’t turn around to see where He is.  And surprising enough, He has never left us. The only thing missing is our attention and focus on Him. 

Our mission at In Spite of It All! Magazine is to provide a venue for women to prosper through methods of resourcefulness and survival by sharing this common thread running through life experiences.  In Spite of It All releases all our fears, insecurities, and apprehensions by demonstrating God’s transforming grace. Our prayer and vision for the In Spite of It All Magazine is for every woman to experience the works of faith and not be afraid to be herself while expressing her fears, pain and passion through life’s transformation.

My vision for In Spite of It All! Magazine is to motivate women to have an intimate relationship and deep love for God; inspiring all women to seek insight from God’s words through their insecurities and apprehensions. In Spite of It All Magazine gives women a voice and a platform to share their passionate inspirations, sobering musings and creative expressions through their own transitions to transformations empowered by their liberating love for God!

In Spite of It All! Magazine will be a vessel of inspiration that will embrace all women right where they are in their Everyday Life and enable them to enjoy Everyday Blessings.

 Be Blessed!

Gilda Morana